Cutlery collections – quality for catering

The success of a set menu is determined by the quality of the food, the precisely planned sequence of the dishes and the table setting. WMF's collections offer high-quality cutlery in a coordinating design for each course.

WMF cutlery. The gateway to a sensuous tasting experience.

Designer Cornelius Boerner directs the InnoLab WMF facility and blends the usability, aesthetics and functionality of cutlery into harmonic unity.

Cutlery has an effect. Visually, haptically, through to the taste experience. As part of table culture it imparts a certain character: classic, formal, rustic, minimalistic or playful. So there can’t be just one perfect set of cutlery, there must be many. I find the choice of a particular cutlery design particularly apt when it picks up on the statement made by the interior and the fittings, when it is a match for the occasion and the meal itself. That’s when aesthetic excellence and functional quality join, and their unity is a marvel.

New gastronomic concepts, trends in architecture, interior and accessories – they all influence each other. And so at WMF we are very much aware of how important it is for cutlery designs to give you as a caterer precisely the support you need for your concept. Even the smallest mocha spoon reflects this. Everything tastes better when eaten with well-designed cutlery. Except finger food.

Entertain your guests – set your table and serve in style with WMF

The classic three-piece cutlery set can accompany even the most simple of meals, though the more courses you offer your guests, the more extensive the cutlery you will need when setting the table. Therefore, our collections not only offer different designs but also an extensive range of cutlery pieces for serving and eating. Fish or steak knives and forks, dessert spoons and many other special pieces of cutlery complement the basic items in the individual ranges. The matching finish is just as important as the use of our patented cutlery material Cromargan®.

Juwel – classic elegance meets perfect functionality

The Juwel cutlery collection comes across as classically elegant and yet ultra modern. It is available in either polished Cromargan® or a silver-plated finish. The successful combination of classic elements with clear lines makes this collection the perfect accompaniment for the special event that any fine meal should be. Each piece of cutlery is well balanced and compact. This means that the meal will not just be a culinary pleasure for your guests; they will also enjoy the feel of the cutlery in their hands.

Столовые приборы WMF

Hollow-handled knife

Our hollow-handled knives are made from a special forged blade steel and incorporate a two-part handle made from Cromargan®, for example. Thanks to the sophisticated method we use to join together the different parts, we create dinner knives that are stable and offer long-lasting sharpness. This is the standard construction method for high-quality knives that have to meet stringent requirements.

Столовые приборы WMF

Well balanced

It is not just a sharp blade that makes it easy and comfortable to use a knife, and a fork consists of more than just a handle and fork prongs. We therefore ensure that our dinner cutlery pieces are perfectly balanced. Each piece is stable yet light to hold. The lightness of the cutlery makes it even more pleasurable to use at the table and makes sure that your guests have great memories of each meal.

Столовые приборы WMF


If you want to add a real personal touch to your cutlery then we offer various options for individualisation. We can engrave or stamp each piece of cutlery at your request. The combination of WMF quality and your logo will make your cutlery unique. If you want to add a really special touch, we recommend our PVD coatings in anthracite, gold and copper for an exceptional table setting.