Special-finish cutlery. Getting a whole new take on things.

For those who appreciate the extraordinary, we offer special forms of finishing for our cutlery models. The re-interpreted material surfaces capture that certain something for your ambience. They are suitable for all Cromargan® models, are dishwasher-safe, and are anything but ordinary. The magic also turns stainless-steel flower vases, sugar bowls and bread baskets into eye-catching stylistic highlights.

PVD. Laid on additionally for quality good looks.

Gold, light gold, anthracite and copper-bronze on your table – the food-safe, metallic colours are applied layer by layer in the process known as physical vapour deposition, PVD. Colours and technique are suitable for all WMF Cromargan® cutlery models. For technical reasons, hollow-shank knives are excluded from the PVD process. PVD, the technique that produces these decorative surface alterations, was originally developed for the jewellery industry.

Glass bead. Velvety highlights and points of contact.

A supremely delicate technique of finishing affords cutlery a silky matte and charmingly smooth surface. Microscopically small glass beads are blasted at high pressure against an item of cutlery. The end effect is uniformly lustrous appearance.

Stone-washing. Stone-tumbled singularities.

Stone-washing gives cutlery a characteristic ‘distressed’ or ‘aged’ look. Tumbler stones are like tiny files acting on the surface of the metal, producing the effect of irregular abrasion. Consequently, it is only at first glance that individual items of cutlery look the same; closer inspection reveals that no two pieces are exactly alike.