Chafing dishes – the elegant way to keep buffet items warm

A warm buffet in a stylish setting is unimaginable without chafing dishes. WMF has practical systems for keeping food warm, which come in a variety of designs and use either traditional heat sources or induction technology.

Chafing dishes – for brunches and buffets

WMF's chafing dishes keep cooked buffet food hot for long periods of time. Regardless of whether these elegant vessels are organised as individual pieces on a stand or as part of the WMF Combination Buffet system, the different models do their jobs well and even look good in the process. The HOT & FRESH chafing dish is particularly innovative and suitable for induction systems. It not only keeps food hot, but it stays fresh too. The Hot & Fresh features an encapsulated Transtherm base that works well even on standard heat sources like hot plates and fuel cans.

Rolltop Chafing Dishes Change

With the elegant roll top chafing dish, your guests always have one hand free. Products from the Change collection might differ in the details, yet they all have one thing in common: They glide open silently and leave your hands free to fill your buffet plate. Even when heating elements are used, special wiring ensures that the lid opens easily, and heat-insulating handles guarantee comfort and safety. A condensation recirculating system prevents unsightly puddles from forming on the buffet table.

Мармиты WMF

Condensation recirculating system

An intelligent condensation recirculating system is incorporated into the edge of the chafing dish lid. This system prevents drops from forming which then accumulate on the table, forming unsightly puddles.

Мармиты WMF

Premium braking mechanism

Chafing dishes have a smooth, stepless braking mechanism that does not require any adjustment. This premium braking mechanism ensures that the lid of the vessel can be opend and closed gently, slowly and silently. It perfectly cushions the lid's every movement.

Мармиты WMF

Fully retractable lid

The retractable lid on the roll top chafing dish disappears completely under the vessel. This leaves every part of it easily accessible, thus making the chafing dish ideal for guests serving themselves, for service staff when changing the food, or even for storing the entire chafing dish after use in a way that saves space. Opening the lids is a breeze, and they stay open at any angle.